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Reverse Engineering: KFM can work with prototype sample or hand sketch drawing and turn it into production parts. Based from customer's design criteria, KFM can provide insights on the material, process and finish to cost effectively mass produce a product.

Manufacturing Coordination: KFM can provide on site verfication audit, inpsection and production coordination to make sure parts are manufactured according to print specification and delivery schedule.

Please click here for RFQ 
Click to download Request For Quote Form.pdf

1. RFQ Check List:

Material Specificaton:
Submit the material specification with your RFQ, using general terms.

Finish Requirements:
Submit your surface treatment requirements such as: Machine Surface, Plating etc.

Please list Annual Quantities (EAU), for your part and Deliver Quantites.

Weight is specified on drawing or in RFQ: 
The weight of the parts helps us to calculate the material cost and shipping cost. Cost can be hidden in this area. With exact weight information the quote will be more accurate and typically more complete.

Delivery location is specified in RFQ:
Please include the locations you will require for delivery.

Send RFQ electronically if possible:
Please send RFQ via E-mail, this is the most efficient and effective way to submit an RFQ to KFM. 

2. KFM Quote Criteria

Scope & Project Size:
To attract the best source, your volumes should be attractive to suppliers and provide long-term opportunities. Short run, low volume projects do not appeal to higher end manufactures or provide leverage

Project Value:
A minimum of $5,000 per order or at least total is required for KFM to be competitive. Due to engineering, quotation, and shipping, smaller dollar values have proven to be cost prohibitive to KFM and our customer.

Stage of Design:
KFM International Industries Inc. requires engineering drawings and/or samples of a product.

Our Customers:
The Company that would like to reduce their cost by using offshore manufacuture.