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  • What type of products does KFM specialize in ?
    KFM focuses on custom engineered components and assemblies both OEM and after market. We have developed
    a reputation as a reliable supplier by creating a pre-approved certified manufacturing database. Which gave us
    capability to manufacture parts from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon alloy steel, ductile iron, gray iron,
    malleable iron, copper, brass & bronze lead free materials. The process ranges from sand casting, investment casting,
    permanent mold, die casting, powder metal, forging, stamping & precision machining.


    We make it possible for any company to have access to ISO/TS-16949 certified offshore manufacturing. We specialize
    in providing our client with full engineering and manufacturing services that is very cost effective.


    We currently make power utility hardware, gears, pulleys, pipe & fittings, OEM and other aftermarket automotive parts.
    Agricultural hardware such as, tine coring, knife guard, harrow teeth, chains, slats, drawbar, cylinder bar, hubs, flywheels,
    shaft, etc.. If you have any product you want made, We are here to help you.


  • Why use China?
    Due to China's low labor rates, abundant material resources, established manufacturing techniques and economic stability. China surpasses most of the developing countries for manufacturing growth.
  • I never worked with Chinese manufacturer, How do I get started?
    Review KFM Quote Criteria and RFQ Check List then provide us with your engineering drawing or sample, estimated annual usage
    or order quantity, and we will do the rest.
  • Do we need a CAD drawing to get started?
    CAD drawing is not required but is recommended. We can also work with PDF drawings or picture of actual part with manfacturing specification or hand sketches. KFM engineers can translate and protect certain information in electronic files.
  • How can KFM prices be lower than if I source it direct from China?
    KFM present multiple opportunities to the factories, which gives KFM buying power. Our engineers in China negotiate directly with the manufacturers, not with agents or brokers.
  • How can KFM protect our customer patent design?
    KFM take precautionary measures to avoid theft of your patents, by have all our Manufacturer sign a confidentiality, protection of patents, copyright and trademarks Agreement.  KFM engineers in China also conduct audit and monitor the usage of all tooling.
  • Can we visit the factory in China?

    KFM encourage our customers to visit the factories. Once a confidentiality agreement is signed by the customer, we can provide you with all the factory information, participate in the supplier qualification process.

  • Do we need to speak or read Chinese to work with KFM?
    No. KFM staff in US and China speak English and Chinese.  All correspondence with KFM is in English.
  • Do we have to buy in large quanities or take large deliveries if we work with KFM?
    No. KFM can provide deliveries according to cutsomer's need. We are capable of delivering complete logistics solution from multiple containers, full container, loss cargo for or a monthly deliveries. WE can accept blanket purchase order, only invoice the customer for the products they received.